• Digital Rolling Simulation - II technology provides this tyre with all the characteristics needed for hard driving The directional tread pattern with rigid shoulder areas enhances traction and stability Two central grooves provide quick water removal from the contact area, enabling reliable traction on a wet road Dunlop 5-Pitch technology ensures minimal noise when driving
  • The Grandtrek AT 1 is an all-round type 4x4 radial tyre which adopts Dunlop's own "Digital Rolling Simulation" technology and has been developed for achieving excellent balance for on-and-off road performances
  • The Grandtrek AT 2 is a 4x4 tyre that meets the challenge of driving on tough terrain It's all-terrain tread design helps to deliver reliable handling on gravel and dirt roads The tread blocks are arranged to reduce noise emissions and provide a smoother, quieter drive The tread features wide grooves that provide good traction on wet roads and more efficient drainage in extreme weather
  • A high-performance recreational tyre which provides superb all-round comfort Fitted as OE in Japan to high-performance SUV vehicles
  • The Grandtrek AT 23 offers a quiet and smooth ride as well as high speed stability and durability on highway terrain
  • Developed for outstanding on- and off-road performance, this tyre gives you the best of both worlds Enjoy high-speed stability and impressive off-road traction in tough conditions The Grandtrek AT 3 features lower noise generation for a quieter, more comfortable ride
  • This tyre was designed to deliver excellent traction and performance in off-road conditions This wide tread pattern is intended for off-road performance in mud and dirt, on-road, it offers increased wet traction for safety and comfort
  • The Grandtrek PT 2 has been engineered in Japan to provide a quieter ride, high speed stability and comfort for SUV and 4x4 vehicles With a silica tread compound, the Grandtrek PT 2 has improved handling and braking in the wet, along with improved mileage and fuel consumption It has been manufactured for use on-road and therefore best suits the 4WD driver who enjoys a quiet, smooth ride
  • Developed for exclusive on-road performance, the Grandtrek PT 2A is a 4x4 radial tyre which adopts "Digital Rolling Simulation" technology The tyre is designed for comfort and high speed stability
  • A superb tyre fitted as OE in Japan with a pattern designed with precise and refined sipes to offer superior comfort as well as outstanding performance in highway use
  • A ribbed block pattern designed mainly for highway use on smaller 4x4 and recreational vehicles
  • A robust tread pattern for both on- and off- road performance Fitted as OE to top-of-the-range Japanese recreational vehicles and SUVs The sidewall protector rib ensures optimum performance for on - and off- road driving
  • A new type of four block pattern, providing excellent performance both on and off-road It fulfils the requirements of Nissan in terms of ride comfort, load capacity and low noise levels
  • A tyre suited mainly for highway use and fitted as OE in Japan to top-of-the-range recreational vehicles
  • An authentic on- and off- road tyre offering superb all-round performance Fitted as OE to recreational vehicles in both Japan and Europe The M2 version features a specially designed sidewall protector The M3 version's reinforced sidewall protects the tyre from off-road damage
  • A high-mileage ‘S’ speed-rated recreational tyre suitable for both country and urban use
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